Monday, November 14, 2011

Engaged Learning Workshop: Final Questions

  1. What types of activities and/or projects would fit your course's learning goals best?
  2. What types of activities and/or projects would fit your teaching and research interests best?
  3. Think of a problem or question that would engage students in your class.  
    • What kind of project would best fit that question: in-class activity? Longer project?  Community-based learning?  Online simulations?
    • What resources would you need to develop that project?  Are they available?  If not, how might you obtain them (campus funding, collaborations, grant writing)?
    • What other barriers might there be to successfully implementing your idea?
    • Who might be a good collaborator on this project: another faculty member on your campus?  Someone in the community?  Someone at another campus?
  4. What excites you about your discipline?  How are you currently sharing that excitement with the students? 
  5. What hints or tips for engaging students can you share with your colleagues?  Please share them!

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