Monday, November 26, 2012

A Conversation with Dr. David Voelker

This interview of Dr. David Voelker by Dr. Jennifer Heinert is about the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and the "coverage model". They discuss the nature of SoTL, its impact on teaching and learning, and the myths and problems associated with SoTL, as well as starting points for doing this kind of research and incorporating it into your teaching practice. The second half of the interview focuses on one of Dr. Voelker's co-authored publications on the "content coverage" model of course and curricular design (see link below).

After listening to the podcast, reflect on these questions:

Regarding the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning,

  • In what ways have you used or “done” the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?
  • How does SoTL impact your discipline?
  • What ways might you incorporate SoTL into your departmental culture?
  • How does your department value SoTL?

Regarding the "Coverage Model,"

  • In what ways does your discipline use “content coverage” as a model for curricular and course design?
  • In the podcast, David and Jen talk about a quotation from his article in which he and his co-author argue “ students must actively do history—not just learn it.”  What does it mean to “do” your discipline?  How do your students perform the moves of your discipline?
  • In what ways do students “process deeply” the content of your courses?
  • What role does meta-cognition (or student knowledge about their own learning) play in your course?  How is it assessed or assigned?
Feel free to share your ideas, comments, and questions in the comments below, or email