Monday, May 6, 2013

White Paper on Information Literacy

Our latest white paper on information literacy was compiled by members of the UW Colleges Library Council, Dyan Barbeau (UW Sheboygan), Kelley Hinton (UW Waukesha), and Kelly Johnson (UW Fox Valley).  As a way to facilitate reflection, consider the following questions:
  • What does information literacy "look like" in your discipline?
  • What level of information literacy skills do you expect students to have in your courses? How do those skills vary or build on skills from previous courses or courses in other disciplines?
  • What learning outcomes for your courses involve information literacy? If you had to add information literacy to your course outcomes, how might you describe competency in this skill for your courses?
  • What assessment activities do you assign that require students to use information literacy?
  • How can you more effectively incorporate information literacy into your assignments? Teaching? Class time? Course design?
  • What questions do you still have about information literacy?
Feel free to respond to the questions in the comment section below, email or to join the discussion on Twitter or Facebook.