Sunday, November 6, 2011

Considering the Implications of (Dis)Engagement

Think about how you talk about a liberal arts education. 
  • When you discuss a liberal arts education with your students, advisees, and colleagues, what disciplines do you talk about?  
  • Do you explicitly include the STEM disciplines and their role in the liberal arts? 

Think back to your own college experiences. 
  • What inspired you to pursue your field of study? 
  • What type of institution did you attend? 
  • What surprises or obstacles did you encounter as you began your college career? 
  • How were you encouraged or helped in overcoming those obstacles? 
  • What type of peer network did you have? 
  • How much individual contact did you have with faculty? 
  • Who did you turn to when you needed encouragement or support in general? 
  • What aspects of the type of educational system you experienced would help your current students succeed? 
  • What aspects would likely turn your students away from your field, particularly those of you in the STEM disciplines? 
  • What types of obstacles do you observe your students facing that may be different than what you and your peers faced?

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